Monday, February 15, 2010

Foiled again.

The lake is still just out of reach, so not funny.
Monday I ducked out and went roll about, went through Buchillon and found a little lane that I hadn’t been down before. Didn’t worry me that there was a sign that said ‘Private’, could bluff my way out of that. Miriam was in front of me as well although it was my idea to go look.
Tar road became dirt track and this chair does not like dirt. Like riding a bucking bronco and I had to take care not to get bounced into the manicured hedge. I came round a corner and found my way blocked by a parked car just meters from the lake. But as usual, in front of the car was the normal set of stairs to the waters edge.
Foiled again.
Tuesday night, a fair amount of snow fell and it was a winter wonderland outside my window on Wednesday.
3 O’clock and I was out on the road and there was a nip in the air and I could feel my face starting to go numb, it got slightly worse as I powered my way around. I’m getting so used to my chair and swapping between pavements, bicycle lanes and roads has become second nature although Murphy loves to throw a spanner out occasionally. He was in top form as I went through the forest. For once there was a lot of snow in the forest, the branches were loaded with it and there was a stiff breeze. Every tree that I went under, had a field day and dumped snow on me. Then there was the tree that aimed… and I had snow down my neck. Had about a kilometre of running the gauntlet.
The hot chocolate was most welcome at the coffee shop.
So too are the longer days welcome, just the other week it was dark by 4.30. Now, it’s still light a 6.30.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Carbon footprint.

The weekend was a washout, Natalie with an injury started the downward spiral. Sunday came and I could feel something wasn’t right and I just stayed quiet and chilled for most of the day. Monday, I could barely get out of bed and taking a shower, I just sat under the water and then I had to get dressed. Total wipe out. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday just didn’t happen, didn’t even turn the laptop on, total lack of motivation, it was an effort to lift my arm up, it was an effort to think and I could have lovingly curled up and drawn the blinds in my head and shut the world out. Instead I put the DVD player on and watched film after film and forced a bit of interest…
Thursday came and whatever it was, had shifted and as after a storm, the sun came shining through.
Atheana, thank you for listening, thank you for understanding.

Thursday afternoon and I’m fretting to get out, I needed to get out of my warm comfort zone and feel the wind in my hair. Hey! My hair is getting long and it blows around a bit now unless Miriam shoves my beanie over my head. She messes up my hair style every time…
Did the long way through the forest route. Serene, tranquil, mind blowing silence. I can never get over how awesome it is to drive through here, any blues you have get left behind.
Arrived at my dirt path and the first part was a sea of mud. Came out of it sideways with wheels spinning and mud spraying all over. Just couldn’t help myself.
Don’t know about my carbon footprint or how large it is but my mud footprint follows me everywhere….