Friday, December 4, 2009

To infinity and beyond

So, I’m taking this chair where it’s never been before. “To infinity and beyond”, as a certain space ranger would say.
I had a visit from social service the other day. It was a check on the power chair and what extras I needed and if I was happy and they needed to justify the cost. Apparently the cost was higher than they anticipated and they wanted to present alternative options. A different chair was presented and after a good look at it, it actually seemed a far better option for me and it was a good deal cheaper. Now all I have to do is wait for the demo model. I’ve been told that it isn’t as easy to pop a wheelie on this model… Watch this space. There’s also a Fifty at stake with Miriam and I’m not about to loose.
The last few days have been dull and grey but I’ve still managed to get out, even went passed the forest and found a track that looked inviting but Miriam chickened out. She said it looked a bit wet.
We did find a car park with what looked like a path down to the lake. There were a few signs proclaiming a public park with various times of opening and closing and a path with a gateway that was open.
I was through the gate in a flash and discovered that the pathway became a rock strewn track that descended at an alarming angle. I was past the point of no return, changed to low speed, tilted the chair back, so that I felt like an astronaut going in the wrong direction, and went for it.
At the bottom was another pathway leading off towards the lake but it was covered in wet leaves and was even steeper. I decided that it wasn’t worth the risk and spring/summer would be a better option when one could see the path clearly.
Going back up had it’s moments, slow speed is useless as there’s a distinct lack of power and with rocks and loose gravel the front wheels dig in and force you to stop. So, up the power, and suddenly there’s a bucking bronco hopping it’s way to the top, line up for the gate, and I’m back in the car park.
Still haven’t reached the lake though.

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