Monday, March 29, 2010

A sheepish story...

Weather’s changing and spring is in the air. Went out the other day, no hat, no gloves and no jersey. Okay so I had a jacket on, I’m not completely nuts. But just getting out without having to get dressed up was cool. One of these days I can see that I can do away with shoes and socks and just keep sandals on.
I’ve seen a novel way of keeping the verge grass trimmed. The other day I saw a guy stringing up some wire along the verge and then herding 20 or so Sheep behind the wire. Then he hooked up the wire to an electric box. Every day he came and moved or enlarged the area allowing the Sheep to move along the verge trimming all the grass.
Can imagine that happening in SA…within minutes the Sheep would go missing followed by the wire and anything else lying around and then the Town council would probably have a field day with health bylaws etc, etc, etc.
Not much of a carbon footprint left behind from this way of trimming the grass.

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