Friday, April 16, 2010

Do pigs fly?

Okay, so the time has come for me to use my voice recognition program full-time. My hands and fingers are now, almost useless to type with. I find that I can manage one or two sentences, and then I start missing keys. That's one of the reasons why I haven't written in the last few weeks, another reason is that I can’t keep writing about the same trip that I do, either to the coffee shop or through the forest. I need to look further afield.
I did the forest thing with Deb a couple of weekends ago, I did the ‘where power chairs shouldn't venture’ stunt and drove through the middle of the forest. I only got stuck once, and having Deb on hand it was a breeze. Of course, having a puppy along for the walk and Deb’s mom, Penny, tested my concentration. Wouldn't do to drive over the puppy…... Just goes to show that males can do more than two things at once.

And so my new power chair arrived this week. It arrived on Tuesday all new and shiny Ferrari red. Totally awesome!! With headlights, indicators and hazard lights and seriously comfortable seat I am now going for coffee in style and comfort.
Whole new learning curve again, the controls are so responsive and I have to lighten my touch, the seat is higher and getting on and off takes a bit of getting used to and I have to remember to lower the seat before sitting at the table. Already started to bruise my knees and send things tumbling…
Took it for a spin but behaved myself, stuck to the road and stayed as slow as I could.
Yeah, right, and pigs can fly….

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