Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dare the edge.

I learnt the true meaning of that saying today. There wasn’t much happening and there was no one around or available for a walk or a bike ride so I was ambling around with no particular direction or destination. Went looking for a cold beer but the restaurant was closed and then I spotted a dirt track that looked inviting.
Straight away I encountered a problem and if I’d listened to that nagging killjoy in the back of my mind I would have turned around gone to Buchillon. But no, I’m a big brave cowboy who doesn’t act like a wuss, especially in front of his horse…
There was a fairly large kerb to get over from the road to the track and I attacked it head on. I’d been over a larger kerb and some of the bumps in the forest were way bigger. I committed myself and then found that my perception of depth definitely was not working. As I went over the kerb I found a serious drop and I gritted my teeth as my chair lurched into the void and then came down with a jolt. Then, the back wheels followed suit and I found myself on a bucking bronco and then the front wheels dug in…
We all know the following statement from science class. ‘For each and every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.’
Need I say more?
I found myself half out of my chair draped over the right armrest with my face up close and personal with the track. My head is lower than my feet and I’m now very stuck with little core muscle to bring me back upright. I try every which way to get back up hoping that no one will see me and then 5 mins later I’m hoping that someone will come past as I’m well and truly stuck. I couldn’t even get to my cell phone…would have been an interesting call for help.
Fortunately a cyclist came past eventually and I called out for some help and was soon back in the drivers seat.
I should have turned round there and then.
Yeah right! I shake the cobwebs away and set off along the track which starts to descend at a steep rate and about a third of the way down was another kerb. I slacken off the power and start to slide sideways.
There was no way I was going to turn around until I reached the bottom and I resigned myself to the fact that I’d either make it down or I’d part company with my chair and have a severely bruised ego amongst other things. Three kerbs later and sliding with little steering control I finished up on a level piece of ground with the track meandering through some trees. So, being of inquisitive nature I followed the track and eventually came out next to a river. I followed the river for a bit and came to a clearing where I could sit and ponder on life’s many mysteries including how the heck I was going to get back up the hill without mishap.
All too soon it was time to make tracks and I began to doodle my way along the track to the start of the incline. Now I have to start playing with my centre of gravity and put more weight on the front but not too much as to loose traction on the rear wheels. Had to play around as I found myself going backwards a couple of times with wheels spinning. Not such a nice feeling. The three kerbs were not fun, I had this feeling of toppling over backwards and I had the urge to stop the bus and get off. But I resisted the urge and kept the chair moving, bucking and throwing up stones right to the top. At the top, I negotiated the first kerb with more finesse and went on my merry way without a care in the world.
Dare the edge. Easy huh?

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