Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On the road again.

Sat 22 May
After more than two weeks of inclement weather, blue skies are welcome back with open arms. I arranged to meet up with Deb in the afternoon so that we could go for a walk.
It is strange how the simplest things in life can give a great amount of pleasure. I’m normally out and about on my own or with Miriam or Natalie on their bicycles and chatting as we go isn’t really an option, riding abreast is not ideal.
Deb arrived with puppy in tow and we set off for our walk and pretty soon we were off the beaten track. Deb was walking next to me chatting as we went, her hand resting on the arm of my chair. Just that conversation whilst walking made my day and we walked like that for a couple of kilometres.
Eventually we arrived at a newly refurbished restaurant on the edge of the forest. The sound of a bottle of beer opening was calling… And then I tried to enter. Swiss efficiency seemed to have slipped up somewhat. The complete interior had been refurbished and made wheelchair friendly. The only problem was that I couldn’t get into the restaurant because of a set of steps. Someone had a blonde moment here.
It wasn’t a problem as a chair was brought outside for Deb and I always have my own chair with me. In a few moments we were enjoying an ice cold beer in the sun whilst the owner and a couple of patrons were discussing ramps and a wheelchair entrance. I’ll give it a week and then go back and see if I can get in.

Sun 23 May
Another fantastic day, bright blue skies and clear air. I met up with Natalie after lunch and we decided to go somewhere different.
So, it was off to Rolle a few kilometres away and of course, with Natalie around, a main road is something I have to put up with. Hey! I even went through my first police road block… I remember I used to be in those too in a past life.
We didn’t get to Rolle, it was too hot and the sun was burning and so we stopped at a place called Perroy and found a waterside cafĂ© with a bit of shade. A long cool glass of lemonade was perfect.
All too soon it was time to head back and being late afternoon the road was even busier. Time to dare the edge.
An hour later I was back in Buchillon seeing Natalie to her door. Another 15 mins I was back at home and then the 2 days caught up with me. Fatigue washed over me and I had to take things very slowly. Also, after 2 days in the sun I had my first tan in years.
Overdosing on Vitamin D!!

Natalie, always ready for a bike ride.

Mon 24 May.
There is nothing like a sucker for punishment. Great day again. Had a good night’s sleep and I was raring to go. After lunch I took a slow ride to nowhere, went through the shady forest and took a few pictures.
Was back home for supper and then took off again and went to McDonald’s for a Sprite. Kinda wandered back home after 9 with the sun in my eyes. Note to self…take sun glasses with in the evening….

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