Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weathering the challenge.

The weather lately has been a challenge. Every time I’ve wanted a run outside, Mother Nature has looked on with a glint in her eye and a touch of naughtiness in her hand. I’d be just about ready to go down stairs and there’d be a smattering of rain against the window or I’d just get outside and I’d feel the down draught that precedes the rain or even get a few drops before the downpour. It’s one thing already being out and about and getting caught in the rain and that’s happened on a number of occasions but there’s no way I start out in the rain.
Yesterday was blue skies and it wasn’t too hot and not long after lunch I hit the road and I made my way to a local motorcycle meeting place. Normally on a Saturday, 20 or so bikers meet up for coffee and fun and I get to see some great bikes. Not so yesterday, there were only a couple of bikes and I didn’t even slow down and took the road to San Prex for a lakeside stroll.

An hour or so along the lake was good for the soul but I, accidently-on-purpose, forgot to stay in the shade and I paid for that later. All too soon it was time to head back and as my battery was way below half I didn’t want to leave too late.
An hour later and I was almost back home when Natalie called, “Let’s meet in San Prex for coffee” she said.
‘Too late, you snooze you loose” I said.
But we decided to meet and go for a drink locally. Went up my favourite shortcut but stayed on all 4 wheels, yeah I know, boring. Have to behave sometimes.
Then I checked my battery. On one bar out of ten….
Daring the edge again.

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