Saturday, January 23, 2010

The fast and the not so furious.

So I have two power chairs here with me, kind of crowds my room a bit. Miriam wanted to know what it was like to drive one and she wanted proof as to which one was fastest. Say no more.
Now there are two of us outside in the snow on power chairs and I know when Ross reads this he’s going to wish that he was here. We made our way carefully over the sidewalks covered in snow and slush, have to say here that Miriam is a learner driver and she has to get used to the controls.
As soon as we got to a quiet part of the road Miriam pulled up and waited for me to line up with her. Then, it was ready, steady, go, and Miriam took off. I gave her a few seconds and followed and promptly overtook her. We did this a couple of times and then I gave Miriam a long lead time and when she was about 10m ahead gave chase. These chairs are like chalk and cheese, I overtook Miriam and left her like she was standing.
Today, the road through the forest. Tomorrow, the grand prix circuit.

Friday 15th saw Jean-Fran├žois back to pick up the demo chair and enquire as to my comments.
It is such a pleasure to deal with a professional, the answers to my concerns and problems were quick and all the solutions were neatly stated and my preferences were noted. All I have to wait for is the favourable answer from social service. As with any government department there is a waiting period so now we wait.

Monday was a brilliant affair with bright blue skies, a huge glowing sun hanging and radiating and most of the snow and ice melted. The sidewalks that I crossed over gingerly last week I could now take a full speed again. It was warm enough to leave things like gloves off and not worry about zipping coats up.
Deb arrived to take me to lunch, instead of the norm of taking my manual chair and driving elsewhere we stuck in Etoy. Strangely enough it’s the first time Deb has seen me in action in my chair and she had to remember that it was electric and I didn’t need a push.
It was after lunch that I saw the realisation on her face that she could go anywhere in the shop and I could make my own way at my own speed. Then the game was on and Deb learned the strength of her index finger. She’d call me and crook her finger and saunter off and find a display to look at. Naturally we have the same taste in furniture
Then Deb got clever and found small gaps to go through and I’d find myself having to back up without knocking things off shelves, go the long way round and wait for the comment.
And I love you too Deb.

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