Saturday, January 30, 2010

Personal art show.

Saturday was a day with a difference. Natalie, one of the caregivers here, phoned and invited me for coffee. By 3 I was ready as Natalie arrived and I took a step backwards, sorry, my chair rolled back. The uniforms here do not do justice to a lady’s figure.
So we ended up at the same coffee shop when I was with Deb, the same one that has a huge furniture store attached to it. It wasn’t long before we each had cups of hot chocolate in front of us. After a substantial chat we decided to explore the ground floor and see what specials were up for grabs. Upon our strolling we came across a display of original paintings and a good supply of prints.
Natalie was going through the prints and every so often would hold one up for me to see. Then she though out of the box and decided that I should have the opportunity to see them all. Natalie then arranged my own little display and went through every print and each time I said yes to a print she then placed it where I could see it. Eventually there were around 30 prints arranged in a semicircle around me. Shoppers walking past stopped to look and make a comment or two, staff members ignored us and we continued to have a bit of fun.
Next week we’ll descend on a store just up the road and see what we can get up to…

Today, seven days later, I received a call from Natalie. She won’t be round as she has injured her leg and will going for an operation on Monday. The store we were going to visit will just have to wait our attention.

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