Saturday, November 21, 2009

If you go down to the woods...

16 11 09
If you go down to the woods today, you'll be in for a surprise.... You might just find a power chair that thinks it's a scrambler. Another awesome ride, totally off the beaten track. Miriam brought her bicycle today so I didn't have to hold back the horses. There’s a road that my room looks out onto that neither of us have been down. It’s not a busy road but there is a question mark hanging over it, where does it go?
So, I followed Miriam’s lead and took off after her and this time I could genuinely feel the wind in my hair. Then, we reached the end of the road. There was a private road on the left and forest everywhere else. We took the private road and soon found ourselves in an enclave of houses, the road was hemmed with neatly cropped hedge which lent itself to a cozy atmosphere. Again, we reached the end of the road and there was just a small path leading into the forest.
Miriam pedaled off into the forest and I, without any hesitation followed. I turned the speed down a bit as I couldn’t see the path for all the autumn leaves and I knew that I’d get caught out by something hidden.
A little while later I came across some hidden tree roots. I felt them before I saw them. It was only a 10m patch and half way across it I came to stop. Couldn’t go forwards and couldn’t go backwards. I had managed to balance the motor on top of a root and my wheels had no purchase on the path. Thankfully Miriam was with me and with a push and a shove I made it over the worst.
Then it was on through the forest. There were quite a few people out having a walk and not one of them seemed to think it strange to see a power chair where they normally wouldn’t see one.
All of a sudden I burst out into the middle of Buchillon and back onto a smooth road. Well, at least smoother than a dirt path. Being back in Buchillon meant trying to find a way to the lake again. Yet again I get to within arms reach and a whiff.

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