Thursday, November 5, 2009

Over the last couple of weeks I have been out and about more than I was for the last two years. Nearly every day I’m out of the door hunting up some coffee getting used to my chair. I’m getting to know the different shops, the easiest routes to take and the peaceful roads.
Found a short cut to the local supermarket by chance. I was going through the village behind my home (the spelling eludes me) which is small and very quiet with almost no traffic. I suddenly found that I was at the back of Migros (supermarket) and I had an option, take a dirt track up a bank or follow the road like a normal person.
I guess I’m not normal. I managed to evoke memories of dirt bikes in the bush, may be not so fast or comfortable but the power chair did the job and I didn’t fall off or over.
I also found a store that’s so large one can get disorientated and getting lost wouldn’t be difficult. IKEA is huge and once you’re inside you kind of have to follow arrows on the floor. Every so often is an information table so that you can work out where you are. It can be quite confusing as there is no direct route to any certain point and you have to follow the arrows…Yeah right. A certain power chair pilot went against the flow… say no more.
Sunday 1st Nov. I had to leave my power chair behind as it wouldn’t fit in Deb’s car, so it was back to my uncomfortable manual chair. Just so not amusing, been spoilt not having to use my arms to propel the chair. So, Deb becomes the pilot for the day.
A short while later I was in the village of Begnins meeting up with friends and family.
I found myself at a table, with a glass of wine, chatting and greeting whilst we all waited for a hockey match to start. All to soon Deb came to get me as we had to move up the road. I’m not a fast drinker nor a large consumer of wine, I don’t need the frequent trips to the loo, and my glass was still half full, or empty, depending on your view. Deb now had to move me over rough ground and amid much laughter we managed not to spill a drop.
I watched my nephew Nathan play hockey, then it was lunch and after that, a short trip to Nyons to watch my nephew Joé play soccer.
I became so uncomfortable in my chair that I stood for half of the match. Standing is something I only do when I really have to. All the exercise and physio is paying off and I’m finding that I can do more and of course having freedom and independence is a big boost.

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