Sunday, November 15, 2009

This chair goes anywhere.

05 11
Had to take a chance today and see how the power chair reacted to a rough ride. The pavement I was on suddenly ended with a huge drain encased in concrete. I really didn’t feel like ramping off a 15cm drop onto the road especially as it’s not my chair but a demo unit. So, either I turn around and go back 200m or cut through a very rough verge and hope I don’t get caught in a ditch. Of course Murphy’s law kicks in right there and then, a bus full of school children stops right next to me and so now I have an audience and either I sit there looking like a prune or make like I know what I’m doing and go bundu bashing.

Bundu bashing it was, just like a pro and after some really bumpy moments I was back on the road heading through the village of Buchillon.
A short while later I was back at my short cut to Migros. No hesitation here and I took the bank at full speed. It was only at the top that I realised that I was on the back wheels the whole way. What a rush, felt like I was 20 again and on a dirt bike.

12 11
Today was not a good day, nothing worked or came together. Using the power plate was an effort and the physiotherapy was painful although the end result was achieved and my arms and legs were a lot looser.
After all that, I decided that the wind in my hair was a necessary feeling and a refill of my tank with coffee was on the cards. So, the call to McDonald’s was in the offing and after lunch off I went.
I had my first hoot and wave from a passing car, starting to get known here. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.
To top it all, I got caught in the rain again.
Starting to become a habit.

13 11
Took a meander through Buchillon again today, I know that there’s a way down to the lake, just have to find it. Miriam was with me, she keeps threatening to bring her bicycle, and by chance we came across Natalie one of the nurses at home. She pointed us in the right direction and warned us of a steep hill.
Steep hill, not too worried about that, until I had it in my sights. kind of thought twice and then committed myself. Actually the motor works as a good brake and when I had had enough of the go slow I let the boy in me take over and the bottom came rushing up.
So near, yet so far. Someone had put a set of steps right at the bottom. So, not funny. The lake was right there in front of me and I still couldn’t get to it. There is a way to get to it and I will find it.
Going back up to the top of the hill had its moments and every bump lifted the front wheels off the road and of course I pushed it a bit and there were a few comments from behind me.
I went to a new place for coffee and I don’t know if I’ll go there again, we’ll see.
On the way back home, I took another route and eventually found my self on a dirt track again. Strange how I seem to find these dirt tracks. Trouble was, it was a bone jarring ride and I had to get to smoother ground. There was a field on my left with row upon row of some crop and at first glance looked a better ride.
Ha, the grass covered a multitude of sins and it was just as bumpy but there was an added element. There was dirt everywhere and it was wet and now I was having fun in the mud.
Power chairs rock especially with muddy wheels that leave tracks around the home.

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